How to draw blue from rainbow friend step by step + video

How to draw blue from rainbow friend step by step + video

Blue is one of the characters from Rainbow Friends, a Roblox game that features colorful and cute monsters. Blue is a blue monster with a crown, big eyes and a tongue sticking out. If you want to learn how to draw Blue from Rainbow Friends step by step, you can follow this article and watch some video tutorials that will show you how.

watch this full video to learn how to draw and paint blue from rainbow friend with our easy tutorial step by step 👇💥 ✅✍️

Step 1: Start by drawing a circle for the head and a curved line below it for the jaw. Then draw two intersecting lines across the circle to help you place the eyes, nose and mouth. You can also add some guidelines for the ears and hair.

Step 2: Next, draw the shape of Blue’s face around the circle and the jaw line. Make it slightly round and add some fur on the cheeks. Then draw his eyes, which are large and oval-shaped, his nose, which is small and round, and his mouth, which is open and wide. You can also draw his tongue, which is long and curved, and his teeth, which are small and sharp.

Step 3: Then, draw his ears, which are big and pointed, and his hair, which is spiky and resembles three flames on the top of his head. You can also add some details to his hair, such as strands and highlights.

Step 4: Now, draw his crown, which is a simple shape with four points and a jewel in the middle. You can also add some lines to indicate the shine and shadow of the crown.

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Step 5: Finally, color his face using blue for his fur, white for his eyes and teeth, black for his pupils and nose, red for his tongue and jewel, and yellow for his crown. You can also add some shading and highlights to make him look more realistic.


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