How to draw ironman face step by step + video

How to draw ironman face step by step + video

who is Iron man character?

Iron Man is a famous superhero from the Marvel comics and movies. He wears a high-tech suit of armor that gives him incredible abilities and weapons. His face is covered by a metal helmet that has a distinctive design. If you want to learn how to draw Iron Man’s face step by step, you can follow this article and watch some videos for more guidance.


The first step is to sketch the basic shape of Iron Man’s helmet. You can start by drawing an oval for the head and a vertical line for the center. Then, draw a rectangle for the jaw and two smaller ovals for the eyes. Next, draw some curved lines to mark the edges of the helmet and the mouth. You can also add some details like the inverted triangle on the forehead and the ear pieces.

The second step is to erase some lines and add more details to the helmet. You can use straight lines, slanted lines and curves to create the patterns and features of the helmet. You can also add some shading and highlights to make it look more realistic. Use black for the eyes, mouth and ear pieces, red for the main parts of the helmet and gold for the accents.

The third step is to watch some videos that show you how to draw Iron Man’s face in different ways. You can learn from different artists and see how they use different techniques and styles. Watching videos can help you improve your drawing skills and inspire you to create your own versions of Iron Man’s face.

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