How to draw kratos step by step + video

How to draw kratos step by step+ video

Kratos is the main protagonist of the God of War video game series. He is a former Spartan warrior who became the God of War after killing Ares, the original God of War. He is known for his brutal and violent fighting style, his signature weapons, the Blades of Chaos, and his distinctive appearance, with a bald head, a red tattoo, and a white skin tone. In this article, we will show you how to draw Kratos step by step, with the help of some video tutorials.


Step 1: Gather references

The first step is to gather some references of Kratos so you can use them for inspiration. You can find some images of Kratos online, or use screenshots from the games. You can also use some concept art or fan art of Kratos as references. Try to find references that show different angles and poses of Kratos, as well as his facial expressions and details.

Step 2: Draw the dummy

The next step is to draw the dummy, which is a simplified version of Kratos’s body and head. You can use a pencil and a ruler to draw some basic shapes that will help you create the proportions and structure of Kratos. For example, you can draw a circle for the torso, ovals for the hands and feet, and curved lines for the arms and legs. You can also draw a square for the face, and letter ‘V’ shapes for the ears.

Step 3: Draw the outline

The third step is to draw the outline of Kratos on top of the dummy. You can use a pen or a marker to draw over the pencil lines and add more details. For example, you can draw the shape of the head, the nose, the eyes, and the mouth. You can also draw the hair, the beard, and the tattoo on his face. Don’t forget to draw his weapons, such as the Blades of Chaos or the Leviathan Axe.

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Step 4: Color and shade

The final step is to color and shade your drawing of Kratos. You can use colored pencils, markers, or copic markers to fill in the colors and create shadows and highlights. For example, you can use white for his skin tone, black for his hair and beard, red for his tattoo and blood stains, brown for his leather armor and boots, and silver for his weapons and chains. You can also use different shades of gray to create contrast and depth

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