How to draw morty smith from rick and morty step by step + video

How to draw morty smith step by step + video

Here is a brief guide on how to draw Morty Smith from Rick and Morty step by step:

  1. Collect reference images: Gather screenshots or images of Morty from various angles and episodes to maintain consistency in your drawing.
  2. Start with basic shapes: Deconstruct Morty’s form into simple shapes and lines to build a solid foundation for your sketch.
  3. Sketch the head: Draw the shape of Morty’s head and then add the facial guidelines.
  4. Draw the eyes: Sketch out the shapes of his eyes and then color in the pupils.
  5. Sketch the nose and mouth: Draw out his nose and then sketch in his mouth and chin.
  6. Sketch the hair: Draw out his hair which is short and messy.
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