How to draw sonic face step by step + video

How to draw sonic face step by step + video

Do you love Sonic the Hedgehog and want to learn how to draw his face? Sonic is a famous video game character with a cool and cute appearance. Drawing his face is not hard if you follow some simple steps. In this article, we will show you how to draw Sonic’s face step by step with pictures and videos.

The first step is to sketch the basic shapes of Sonic’s head and body. You will need to draw two circles, one big and one small, that touch each other. The big circle is for the head and the small circle is for the body. Then, draw a curved line across the big circle to mark the position of the eyes and nose. Next, draw two pairs of parallel lines for the legs and one line for each arm. Draw oval shapes for the hands and feet. Finally, draw two triangles on top of the head for the ears and two spikes on the back of the head for the hair.

The second step is to draw the details of Sonic’s face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. Sonic has large oval eyes that are close together, a small black nose, a curved mouth and thin eyebrows. You can use a pencil to draw these features lightly and then erase any unwanted lines. You can also add some shading and coloring to make your drawing more realistic. Use blue for the head and body, white for the eyes, black for the pupils, nose and mouth, and peach for the inner ears.

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The third step is to watch some videos that show you how to draw Sonic’s face in different ways. You can learn from different artists and see how they use different techniques and styles. Watching videos can help you improve your drawing skills and inspire you to create your own versions of Sonic’s face.

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