How to draw thing from wednesday step by step + video



If you want to learn how to draw Thing from Wednesday, the Netflix series based on the Addams Family, you can follow these steps:

  • First, draw a circle for the palm of the hand and four ovals for the fingers. The ovals should be slightly curved and taper at the ends. The thumb should be on the left side of the circle and point upwards. The index finger should be on the right side of the circle and point diagonally. The middle finger should be next to the index finger and point straight up. The ring finger should be next to the middle finger and point slightly to the left. The pinky finger should be next to the ring finger and point downwards.
  • Next, erase the overlapping lines and add some details to the hand. Draw a curved line for the wrist and a small oval for the nail on each finger. Draw some creases on the palm and the knuckles. You can also add some hairs on the back of the hand if you want.
  • Finally, color your drawing with brown or tan for the skin and black or dark gray for the nails. You can also add some shadows and highlights to make your drawing more realistic.
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