How to draw alphabet lore a step by step + video

How to draw alphabet lore a step by step + video

Alphabet lore is a popular song and animation that features cute and colorful letters of the alphabet. Each letter has a different personality and shape, and they can interact with each other in various ways. If you want to learn how to draw alphabet lore, you can follow some easy steps and use simple shapes to create your own characters.

To draw alphabet lore A, you will need a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, and some paper. Start by drawing a vertical line in the middle of the paper. Then draw two diagonal lines on each side of the vertical line, forming a triangle. Next, draw a horizontal line across the triangle, about one-third from the bottom. This will be the crossbar of the letter A. Erase the parts of the triangle that are below the crossbar. You have now drawn the outline of alphabet lore A.

To add some details and personality to alphabet lore A, you can draw some eyes, a mouth, and some hair. For the eyes, draw two small circles on the upper part of the letter, and fill them in with black. For the mouth, draw a curved line below the eyes, and add a tongue if you want. For the hair, draw some spikes or curls on top of the letter, and color them with your favorite color. You can also add some accessories like glasses, a hat, or a bow if you like. You have now drawn alphabet lore A with some style.

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